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**Monday prefers to be the only pet in her home and that makes her a Single Lady! Through 1/31/14 we are waiving adoption fees for our pets who are "Single & Lovin' It" with an approved adoption application - call the 859.873.5491 to learn more!**

Monday is one of those dogs who has clearly had kind of a tough past; she arrived here shy and afraid after being found fending for herself, and we could tell that she had never really had someone to trust. But, in spite of everything, Monday is willing to share her heart with anyone who will return the favor. Spend a little time getting to know her, and you'll soon find that she has a wag and a kiss to share with you; spend a lot of time with her and you'll have a loyal friend for life! If you think you can help Monday learn how great it can be to be man's (or woman's) best friend, come meet her at the Woodford Humane Society Adoption Center in Versailles today! For more information on Monday and other adoptable pets, please call 859.873.5491 or visit woodfordhumane.org.



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